Brazil, Capim Seco – Light Roast (340g)


The newest coffee to our line up, this crisp, elegant coffee has notes of rich dark berries, black cherry, a creamy mouth feel and a candy-like sweetness. * chefs kiss !*

However, This 2021 crop isn’t actually new at all…But you wouldn’t know it when you taste it. We have been experimenting with a process we’re calling “cellaring” that preservers coffee perfectly so it tastes exactly like it did when it first arrived. Read more about this process, the farm and the producers below.

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Capim Seco : is a forty hectare farm based in Carmo de Minas that sits between 1100 and 1300 meters above sea level. It’s owned and operated by Ciro Dias Pereira, who has been responsible for the farm since 2007. Rafael emphasizes the importance coffee is to the global connection and the exchange of knowledge that comes through this pathway. Since the first harvest, Rafeal has received good evaluation of the coffee lots, knowing the quality prospects were already there. He’s planted Yellow Bourbon, Acaia, Icatu and Yellow Catuai throughout Capim Seco. The farm is solely for the production of coffees, and the processing takes place at his mother and aunts property, Irmas Pereira, where they’re investing in superior quality fermentation practices and drying practices.

About Coffee Cellaring:  This coffee is actually a 2021 crop that we received early in 2022. However, we have been experimenting on a small scale with a simple but effective coffee preservation method we like to call “Coffee Cellaring”; what is coffee cellaring you ask? Well its really just a fancy name for vacuum sealing and freezing green (raw) coffee to preserve its quality and complex flavour characteristics. Under normal warehouse storage conditions green coffee would usually be well passed its’ optimum freshness at one year of age, with an expectation for the coffee to taste somewhat “tired” and flat. On the other hand, when you remove all exposure to air and freeze the green coffee, it’s as though the coffee hasn’t aged a day; you’ve effectively managed to preserve an experience, a snapshot in time, and it’s just as good as you remember it was. We hope you enjoy our tribute to 2021, as you celebrate 2022, and welcome 2023!


Brazil Capim Seco 5 × 7 in



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Whole bean, Ground

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340g, 100g Sample

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