Colombia, Double Anaerobic – Light Roast


Another exceptional coffee directly sourced from our friends at Cofinet. This coffee was grown by Jairo Arcila at the farm Santa Monica, a farm we got to visit in person when we were in Colombia.

This lot was exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation of 48 hours inside Grainbro bags followed by a further 24 hours of aerobic fermentation. Then the coffee was placed back inside Grainpro bags for another 48 hours. Finally, the coffee was placed on raised beds below 35C until ideal moisture content was achieved. This coffee has tasting notes of chocolate ganache, raspberry, and cocoa nibs.

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Jairo Arcila is a third-generation coffee producer from Quindío, Colombia. He is the father of Felipe and Carlos Arcila, the owners of Cofinet and familiar farms such as Jardines del Eden.

This lot is from Santa Monica, the largest of Jairo’s farms at 50 hectares, and is 100% castillo.  It has volcanic soils, with ideal temperatures, altitude, and rainfall for producing consistent, high-quality coffee. He also grows Gesha, Pink Bourbon, Tabi, Papayo, Caturron, Red Bourbon, and many other fruits, vegetables, and other coffee cultivars. You may recognize this farm name as we have had a couple of coffees from here in the past as well as our Colombia, Santa Monica Instant Coffee.  


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Whole Bean, Ground

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340g, 100g

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