El Salvador, Black Honey – Medium Roast (340g)


Everyone’s favorite AR coffee is back! Sort of.  This brand new El Salvador, Black honey processed coffee offers tasting notes of brown sugar, caramel and blackberry.

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El Recuerdo located in the Apaneca Ilamatepec, Juayua region and was bought by Juan Carlos Gregg Meza in 2004 as part of his mission to contribute to the production of great quality coffees in El Salvador. El Recuerdo it’s 7 Ha of Bourbón coffee, located under an Ingas and avocado canopy, which keeps an average temperature of 20ºC all year round.
Juan Carlos is committed to continue producing coffee under innovative agricultural practices. His idea is to obtain good yields and preserve the great quality of his coffees. Juan Carlos cares for the well being of his workers. He provides wages above the law requirements, offers paid vacation periods and covers medical expenses when needed. He understands that success of his coffee will be only possible with the help and commitment of his farm workers. As a fourth-generation coffee producer, Juan Carlos is very proud of the great legacy that his grandfather gave him, and he hopes to pass it on to his generation.

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Whole Bean, Ground

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