Rwanda, Rugali – Light Roast (340g)


This crisp, elegant coffee reminds us of ripe green apple, grape and honeysuckle, with some welcoming tropical vibes as it cools. You will find the finished cup leaning towards the sweeter side of things. This coffee is as versatile as it is tasty, and lends itself to both a brilliant pour over, as well as an amazingly vibrant espresso beverage.

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Rugali is located in Nyamasheke District in the south west of Rwanda. Located on the shore of Lake Kivu and actually the entry point you grab the boat to head to sister-station Gisheke. The station has seen vast developments since being developed in April 2016. In it’s first season, Rugali sold Natural processed coffees and was the first and only legally approved station in Rwanda to do so. Now, Naturals in Rwanda are both common and revered in their appeal.

In late 2018, early 2019, the team at Rugali built out an amazing new dry mill that’s pushed their quality control to a new level. Previously, they were using a publicly accessed dry-mill for all the coffees produced by Muraho Trading Co. Now, all the coffee is being done at Rugali and a vast improvement has occurred in the sorting and the efficiency at the mill. The cherries in this natural coffee were floated and then laid on raised beds for up to 40 days, with a very controlled and highly monitored drying period.


Rwanda Rugali 5 × 7 in



Bean Type

Whole bean, Ground

Bag Size

340g, 100g Sample

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