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Our three most exclusive coffees in one box or purchase them individually.  ‘The Cellar’ is your chance to taste our most premium coffees at an affordable price. You can find more information on the coffees currently offered below.

* Cellar Series coffees are roasted to order so fulfilment time may take longer.

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Welcome to The Cellar. This series allows you brew and enjoy our three most exclusive coffees available at the time. This series is available year around with the offerings changing as we bring in new and exciting coffees.

The Cellar currently includes 40g of each of the following:

Ecuador, CM Catucai by the Coronel Pilco Family
Hacienda La Florida is located in Sozoranga an old Spanish settlement, in the skirts of an inactive volcano called Jatumpamba. This farm has been part of the Coronel Family since the beginning of the 19th century. The Coronel Pilco family will continue the legacy to protect the dry tropical forest unique in the world and produce the best of their agricultural production.

This is the type of coffee you want to sit and intentionally enjoy. The profile is gorgeous, with complex florals and a layered acidity there’s notes dancing on your palette as the cup cools. There’s a herbaceous quality that layers a refreshing spice complexity in with the florals, showing chamomile, lavender, jasmine and allspice. The acidity shines through with white grapes, apple pear and a refreshing nectarine. The texture is overall refreshing, with a medium-long sweet finish.

Colombia, Natural Anaerobic Java by La Palma y El Tucan
This lot comes from La Palma y El Tucan’s (LPyET) prestigious Estate & Varietals program, meaning LPyET has grown and cultivated this Java right on their highly coveted 16-hectare farm. The coffee trees at LPyET are surrounded by a vast ecosystem of plant life growing in harmony. This concept was designed by LPyET founder, Felipe Sardi, after pursuing his Master’s in Permaculture. He has been successful in his endeavor and has drastically changed the landscape within Cundinamarca, by sharing this program through the unbelievable Neighbours & Crops project. LPyET has a team called the Elite Picker Squad. This team is constantly monitoring the progress of the coffee plants. They focus on pruning, fertilizing, applying compost (made organically at LPyET), and harvesting the cherry.

The cherry is then taken to the state-of-the-art processing facility where, in this case, it’s undergone an 87-hour whole cherry anaerobic fermentation in dark plastic tanks, prior to being dried in a controlled and prolonged manner.

Brazil, Natural Anaerobic Aramosa by Daterra
Daterra is located near the city of Patrocinio, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. This is the classic and famed Cerrado region of Brazil, where the fertile land is flat and ideal for coffee. This is a famed farm that was first purchased in 1976 and, today is an icon in the coffee-producing world. Leading by example, Daterra is the only B Corp certified coffee farm, has more certifications than we have space to list and is working toward being a climate-positive coffee farm.

The Daterra menu is vast, with three tiers of offerings available, Masterpieces, Collections, and Classics. This coffee is part of their Masterpiece collection, known for being exotic, experimental and one-of-a-kind coffees. The Aramosa is a cross between Coffea Arabica and Coffea Racemosa. This crossbreeding was performed to inherit Racemosa’s low caffeine and drought resistance with Arabica’s flavor. For this coffee, Daterra has fermented the Aramosa cherries inside a tank equipped with a valve system that prevents any gas from entering the tank. As the cherries ferment, they release CO2 and, because carbon dioxide is denser than oxygen, it pushes the lighter gas out through the valve. After a few hours, the tank environment becomes completely anaerobic, allowing the perfect conditions for microorganisms to perform enzymatic reactions inside of the beans.




Cellar Series (all 3), Ecuador, CM Catucai, Colombia, NA Java, Brazil, Aramosa

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