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  • mscs 2dtb 700 1800x1800

    Hario Skerton Plus Grinder

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    Just when you thought Hario couldn’t get any cooler, they’ve gone and upgraded the classic Hario Skerton Coffee Grinder. The new Skerton Plus stabilizes the ceramic burrs with a nifty little plate for a significantly more consistent grind.

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    Hario V60-02 Ceramic

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    Arguably the most popular manual brew method over the past decade, the Hario V60-02 is a newer twist on the classic Melitta cone.

  • Hario V60-01 Filters (100)

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    Extract all the goodness and aroma from your freshly ground coffee beans. Gives you a sediment free clean cup of coffee. Biodegradable and environment-friendly. 100 pack of HARIO V60-01 paper filters.

    As with any paper filter, ensure that you rinse through with boiling water first to remove any remaining paper taste

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