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You bettchya!  You can readily order 1kg bags of our 5 most popular coffees through the online store (Colombia Medium & Dark, RLFS Espresso, Better Together Blend and First Tracks Blend). If you would like 1kg of another one of our coffee’s just send us a message and we would be happy to help you out!

The only bags we currently have smaller then 1lb are the 1o0g bags found in our Sample Box.

No! We add absolutely nothing to our coffee. The 2nd line on our label identifies the natural tasting notes of the coffee. Because everyone’s level of taste for coffee is different, you may or may not be able to taste these. We do not add any form of flavoring to our coffee. 


Of course. We would be happy to work directly with you to set up a coffee subscription that fits your needs. We can offer weekly, bi weekly or monthly coffee shipments direct to you. Message us to discuss quantities and pricing.

ABSOLUTELY!! All coffee is ground on order, never before. If you are ordering ground coffee PLEASE leave a note at check-out about how you brew your coffee (standard coffee maker, french press, aeropress, etc) so we can grind it to the appropriate level. If you do not let us know how you make your coffee we will assume you are using a standard coffee pot (drip).

Send us a message and we would be happy to get the conversation going! We start bookings in February each year so the sooner you book, the better! 

*The mobile cafe will be back for summer 2022

Yes. Send us a message and we would be happy to provide you with our event pricing.

Absolutely. Whether you are wanting to retail our coffee in your store or brew our coffee in your café or restaurant, we can definitely work with you! Shoot us a quick e-mail and we would be happy to send you our wholesale offerings and pricing list. Wholesale benefits include coffee education, staff training, equipment sourcing, custom blends and more

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