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The Meaning Behind the Name

We get asked all the time how we came up with the name ‘Alternate Route’. Well, it’s actually pretty simple … it’s about taking the road less travelled, that double black run, or the ‘alternate route’ in life in order to find that true, soul-satisfying, happiness.

A little over a year ago, before we started to make Alternate Route Coffee Co. come to life, we were at a point in our lives where we felt sort of… stuck. Not unhappy, but simply just, unsatisfied. We were living the same days over and over. Sure, we travel a lot, either heading to the mountains on the weekends to camp, hike or snowboard or using vacation time to travel abroad, but the time off never felt long enough. Before you know it Monday would roll around again and we’re back in the same monotonous routine of eating, work, sleep – repeat. There had to be another way, one that didn’t leave you livin’ for the weekends and dreading Monday mornings, there had to be an ‘Alternate Route’.

Well, turns out there was! We finally took that leap of faith and decided to start our own company. That company would ultimately combine two things we were passionate about; being able to live life to the fullest on our own terms and, of course, coffee! By ‘Taking the Alternate Route’ and starting and growing our own company, it has pushed us to peruse what we are passionate about as well as to strive to continue to live our best life.

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