Ethiopia, Nensebo – Light Roast


Ethiopian coffee is renowned for its exceptional quality and unique flavor profile. Grown in the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia, this aromatic brew is characterized by its bright acidity, medium to light body, and a distinctive combination of fruity and floral notes including strawberry, sweet lime and black tea.

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The Refisa washing station, owned by Negusse Weldyes, is located in the western part of the Arsi Administrative Zone. This area, bordering Bale Mountain National Park, used to be designated as a Sidama offering but, with relaxed restrictions for working directly with washing stations, we are now able to better describe where exactly these coffees originate. This station receives cherries from both cultivated and wild-growing trees in the Harenna forest near Bale mountain. This station was constructed in 2015 and is very remote being that it is located in this area. Together with our exporter, we paid a premium for this coffee with proceeds going towards building a school for local children in the area as well as for improvements to the station itself.


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Weight 2 lbs
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Whole Bean, Ground

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340g, 100g Sample

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