Rwanda, Humure – Medium Roast


Indulge in a harmonious symphony of flavors with our latest addition straight from the highest hills of Rwanda!

Sourced from our pals at Semellia Coffee, this rich and decadent coffee has tasting notes of fresh made waffle cones, honey, and hazelnut. This coffee can be enjoyed using your favorite filter brew method or as a rich, velvety espresso beverage.

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Baho Coffee was founded by Emmanuel Rusatira and his family after nearly 20 years of working in washing stations. Emmanuel established Baho Coffee to freely focus his energy on implementing his own philosophies and pushing high-quality protocols with multiple washing stations across the country.

The Humure Washing Station, named after the highest hill in the area, is located in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. Baho Coffee purchased the station in 2018 after watching it be very poorly managed throughout its first year of operation; since then the production capacity has increased by nearly 20 times in the past two years.

Humure is currently the largest station that Emmanuel owns – collecting cherries from ~1500 farmers, producing ~1300 bags of exportable green coffee annually, and employing 220 people duringthe peak of the season. The main station manager is a woman; and thus, Humure also serves as the epitome of Baho’s investment in gender equity in Rwandese coffee.


rwanda humure

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Ground, Whole Bean

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340g, 100g Sample, 1kg

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